Thursday, 11 February 2010

Homage to Monica

Since I joined the rowing team competition I had a few weird encounters with myself. It all started when I told a friend about it, saying that we all don’t know a thing about the procedures, and my worries about letting the team down, and what I already had researched on the Internet, and what I had thought about, and …

… then he said: Well, but you are not the team captain. You do your bit, and then you walk away!

Yeah, but …

Bababa …You do your bit, and then you walk away!


MmMm! You do your bit, and then …

Yeah, well … I walk away!

He is right, isn’t he? But why is my neck hair standing on end, thinking of having to walk away although I might have thousands of ideas?

So hubby - my conscience and ultimate instance - had to listen to the whole thing. Response: Well, you shouldn’t 'Do a Monica'!

What? What does he mean? …Oh! Monica from ‘Friends’!

But I’m not like her! I’m not obsessed! I only give reasonable advice, I only want us to win, to succeed, I always do my best, I …

Oh my God…, I Am a Monica!

What later got confirmed when I exchanged pictures of pumpkins with my friend and he mailed back:

Bloody show-off !!!!!!!!!! hehehehe -
Monica on Friends would do one just like that, would have to be the best!

Thanks for the flowers! Of course mine is nicer – What do you think?

The 'Best'? Naaa, I just love pumpkins, and I practised a lot, and I have the time on my hands, and …

… why on earth do I always excuse myself when I do something well. I see that often in girls.

Oh child - You did soooo well!

Boy: Yes! I did, didn’t I!

Girl: Oh, I just got lucky.

Duh? We are taught from very young age that we have to be as good - if not better - than anybody else, especially the boys, and usually we work hard for that, while the guys more often than not bluff their way through life. And if we then are better, we either are called bitches - or nagging Monicas: Likable, but still… a bit of a nuisance at times.

However, during the rowing competition I will let the team captain do the captain thing … and then walk away.

But I insist that next year: I will carve the best Pumpkin ever!

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