Sunday, 14 February 2010

Going Cat Bonkers

Who on earth has broadcast this myth about cats being independent and easy to keep? I'm sure this person never had a cat - let alone two - let alone two which hate each other - well: One hates, the other one fears!

I was so delighted when sweet, little old Vinny recovered from a weird illness that had kept him in a kind of depression for more than a year. He started going out at night and big bully Moritz had is strolls during the day, what made sense since at night things are calm, no noisy kids jumping around, or bikes whizzing by. Vinny enjoyed is tranquil walks and then he became talkative.

The range of sounds cats do to greet or demand are pretty amazing - and annoying when they are brought to my ear in the middle of the night, just to announce that one is back now, will have a bit of food and that it would be just lovely to have a bit of company for that - and probably a cuddle, because it naps so much better when after food there is a cuddle...

I thought that would be as bad as it gets and given that cat was a happy cat again human owner doesn't mind to suffer.

Well, I can now confirm: It can get worse! Vinny made friends with boisterous Bimmel who was featured here earlier and from him he gained the confidence to go out during the day. Idiotic owner I am I appreciated this new skill: Sunshine is good and healthy, isn't it? However, with Moritz locked away for even more hours he had to get something back - and the one thing he is very interested in is Vinny's territory. So he was allowed upstairs while the little black devil had a nap in the garden.

All this implicates a sophisticated change over routine. It works like an elaborate system of floodgates. Doors, windows and catflap have to be opened and closed in the right order or disaster is looming in form of a screaming fur ball of eight clawed legs and two heads which would make lions proud.

However sophisticated, I didn't really think it through, though! Today the weather was not as pristine as the day before so I was glued to my computer with Moritz happily dosing next to me when I heard moaning noises from the patio: Vinny howling like a wolf!

After feeding and a lot of negotiation regarding possible napping places it turned out: The little buggar was bored!

It is not enough that he is in the place he likes most in a particular moment in time, he likes to be with company; and he is so persistent, showing his most reproachful face, that owner complies, ushering Moritz downstairs and setting the open/close/upstairs/downstairs game into gear for the correct fight save door settings... only to discover that Vinny had slipped out with me again when I got some stuff from fridge in the garage where he found himself a piece of carpet to nap on. Apparently new beds are much more important than company.

So now the garage has to stay open, doors and windows in the house are locked tight what I think might be the wrong setting, I believe Moritz is downstairs but I'm not entirely sure and ... I definitely need more coffee!

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