About 'Rika's Column'

'Rika's Column' started off as a section of the 'Incredible Ladies Site' which now is called the 'sleeping beauty'. The site got too big and was too static, and to enable instant feedback the column has now become an independent blog within the Incredible Ladies Project - which is a set of blogs. Most of the articles of the old site have now been republished in their new homes and the project is moving on to all sorts of new endeavours.

Rika – that's me, the owner – likes to voice her opinion about all sorts of stuff, and everything that bites her as falling into categories from 'annoying' via 'ranting' to 'zoned out' becomes a column... there you are! Recently a subset of the columns got published as eBook with the title 'Columnbina - Insights: Growing up at Almost 50'.