Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dangerous Romance

Hubby got up early today and thus I had the rare opportunity of watching telly at 6:30 in the morning. While the world is thrown into yet another financial crisis because some prat thought it a good idea to cheat a few billion from the biggest banks he could find, another headline informed me that the DVD of the movie Mamma Mia came out just in time for Christmas.

We definitely have it too good! Still!

Ok, they had a finance guy who gave an interview; however, they actually took the effort to interview people in the street for their opinion on romantic comedies, asking:

Are romantic comedies bad for relationships?

At first I didn’t really comprehend. In what way can they be bad? I only recently found out that they actually may be the one thing saving a relationship. All of a sudden I was all eyes and ears to hear the people speak.

Oh my …, I didn’t think that the people would be retarded – well, at least the one half of the people. I really do hope that this guy is not representative for all of the male population.

He said that women shouldn’t watch too many romantic comedies because they might get fantasies about how relationships should work which will not be achievable in the real world.


How daft does that guy think we are?

They interviewed some girls and they didn’t comprehend either. They said: Yeah, well – It’s a fantasy. We know the difference between fantasy and real world.

What this guy doesn’t get is the fact that these are feel good movies. One has a laugh, one has the happy ending, one has some popcorn, one does feel good.

Remember what I said earlier in this place?

A woman needs to feel good to have sex while a guy needs to have sex to feel good. Remember guys: Everything that makes us feel good is for your own benefit.

I'm really wondering if this guy watches porn. In the Sex Education Show on Channel 4 they interviewed teenage boys and showed them pictures of ‘real’ boobs and a ‘surgically and digitally enhanced’ one mixed in, asking them what they think how a real boob should look like.

They all went for the fake one, they all had got their ‘knowledge’ about the female anatomy from the internet, and from their research they had clear ideas on how relationships should work, which – most likely to their surprise – will not be achievable in the real world.


While girls enjoy a good fantasy as what it is – a feel good fantasy - the guys take their fantasies for real and are wondering why things are not working out.

If the guys would stop mocking us for enjoying a good romantic comedy and would catch the drift instead and in the meantime switching the bedroom radiator on, dimming the light, getting some sparkly and lighting a candle, we might just meet in the middle.


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