Thursday 26 September 2013

Real Women...! Really?

I keep wondering what it is that excites the male world so much about the pin-up style woman, with ample bosom, rear and belly. I like to look at those women and their pictures, too, if they are well done; they are appealing and they trigger fantasies ... I can very much appreciate that! ...  I have Dita Von Teeses Book 'Burlesque and the art of the teese' on my shelf after all.  Yet, then I hear the comments of my male comrades saying: Wow, that's a real woman!


Where does that leave me? ... and about 99.9% of the rest of the female world?

I have been quite fat, then slim, then muscly and then chubby again. I have a wardrobe full of office, goth, burlesque and tomboy clothing and a drawer full of make-up. Tell you what: Didn't make any difference whatsoever! Not how I felt as a woman, nor how I was appreciated by men.

One of my ex liked me strong and now prefers the fragile type. The other one liked me chubby and dumped me anyway. No, ladies and gentlemen: I am not bitter, just wondering where I went wrong for the majority of 52 years. Even before puberty we practise to be appealing to whatever it is we think we should appeal to... but nobody really seriously tells us that this is not how it works. The outer shell might make it easier to get a first interview, but that's about it.

These days the media is blamed a lot, but the above example shows that basically it's the guys guiding our ways. Throughout my physical changes I always was the same woman inside; the mad German as much as the loving, caring, crying, creative, depressed, smiling, hard working, chaotic, laughing and lazy Rika. Maybe it's this character description that men cannot take, and I am happy to acknowledge that. I wouldn't be able to live with myself, so we are on the same page here. Thing just is, that I very much feel like a real woman and I quite like being me.

So while the gentlemen may dream on about their perfectly exposed, photo-shopped and colourfully made-up proper women, I may just silently sneak off my little shelf and do my own thing.

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