Thursday, 6 January 2011

Boycotting Sugar

I am giving up sugar - again!

I am definitely not a creature of routine. However well I feel with a certain lifestyle, I just like to get tempted into treating myself. This treat always is a short lived pleasure, and in regard to sugar, it always makes me addicted. So I am back to The Big Sugar Experiment,  the 3rd or 4th time or so, since I invented it. But does it matter that I fail once in a while?

Not really, I am telling myself. Well, I do age a bit more every time and it gets more and more difficult to keep the sagging pouches around the chin, knees and belly at check, but when having reached the limit in grumpy sluggishness, the sugar experiment is my trusty friend that never fails to bring me back to life within a week.

I now have included white bread as well. I am baking my own bread from rye and spelt, but if I don't have it available I am resorting to other dark wholemeal breads rather then the yummy cheese rolls. Firstly, I found that white flour has a similar impact like sugar... might there be sugar in it? Secondly, I am eating it greedily and fast and hence too much of it before I realise that I actually have overeaten, and it doesn't bring me far through the day; I am getting hungry so quickly again usually followed by a graving for sweets. So for now I am sticking with the old rough bread.

Well, I am in a position to report success already! After just a few days I do look and feel leaner, although there is no change on the scale or the ring above the hips that can be pinched between fingers. It just so feels as if everything that got a bit deranged within that belly-blob now has found it's way back into the proper position. Yay!

A nice side effect is that at one point the one or the other pound will come off as well, and not just because of saving calories, but because the lethargy has gone, and one voluntarily moves about more. USG - Here I come!

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